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Remedies for snoring: are they effective and how do they act?

General prevention of snoring in obesity, smoking, age-related changes

You can get rid of them with the help of special exercises for the muscles of the tongue and lower jaw in time to respond to the appearance of the first hoarse breathing sounds in a dream. Exercised muscle tissue, even in a state of relaxation, will maintain tone, reducing the vibrations of the palate and uvula.

Often the cause of snoring is obesity. Having gained considerable weight, a person risks to get such a dangerous and unpleasant disease as apnea (respiratory arrest in a dream). If there are no accompanying complications, it is enough to reduce body weight by 5-7% to eliminate night sounds.

Smokers, so that the treatment of snoring was effective, it is necessary to give up their addiction. After all, regular inhalation of smoke leads to chronic injury of the hypopharynx and aggravation of the frequency and strength of the hoarse sounds.

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You can get rid of snoring and positional treatment, not giving a person the opportunity to fall asleep on his back. Most often in a special pocket sewn on the back of the pajamas, fit a tennis ball. When turning on his back, he creates discomfort, and the person immediately turns to the side. A variation of this method is miniature bells stitching into pajamas. There are also special “backpacks” for those who snore. They are products with a dense filler on the back, fastened with a system of straps and belts.

Fans of modern technology can use the Japanese alarm clock with motion sensors, triggered by turning a person on his back. However, it should be recognized that the interruption of sleep is not for everyone: a person can wake up every time and then try to sleep for a long time.

Snoring can retreat if you raise the head of the bed. Try changing your low pillow to a higher one, orthopedic best. Occupation of the head and neck during sleep, the physiological position has a beneficial effect on the body.

You can do more radically by raising the head by 10-15 cm with the help of the bed under the bed legs. The high position of the head will keep the airways open, which means there will be no snoring.

Treatment of snoring with medication

Drugs are available in various forms, there are quite a few of them, so when you go to the pharmacy, the pharmacist can always find something suitable. However, it must be remembered that medications are effective only if there is snoring without complications. In addition, the lack of such a solution can be called the constancy of the use of drugs and their cost.

The form of release of drugs for snoring can be different, most often it is sprays, but there are also drops, pills. It is impossible to list all pharmaceutical preparations; we will list only the most common ones:

  1. Asonor (Asonor), both spray and drops;
  2. Sominorm (spray);
  3. Sleeppex, spray;
  4. Doctor Snore (Doctor Sleep ex) spray;
  5. Nasonex (Nasonex) spray;
  6. Silence, spray;
  7. Snorstop (pills), tablets or solution for inhalation.

The principle of action of drugs is similar – they moisturize and soften the mucous surface of the nasopharynx, tone the muscles of the sky. The effect is manifested gradually, the treatment of snoring with any one universal pill, unfortunately, is not feasible, but it is possible to relieve the symptoms or significantly reduce them. Most drugs have no unpleasant side effects, because they contain herbal ingredients.

Snoring Mechanisms

Continuous medication is still not recommended, even if they do not have contraindications. To guarantee the absence of side effects with prolonged use of drugs, no one can. Therefore, for the treatment of snoring using various mechanical devices:

  • intraoral devices;
  • clips fixed on the nostrils;
  • CPAP therapy (face mask with air inflow).

As an example of an intraoral polymer device, mention should be made of such snoring remedies as Extra-Lore. It is placed in the mouth during sleep and does not allow the tongue to sink, pressing it down and provoking the tension of the laryngeal walls. The toned muscles of the respiratory tract prevent vibrations of soft tissues.

It is possible to sleep for treatment of snoring with a clip type Antikhrap, fixed in the nostrils. This small device expands the nasal passages, on the ends of which magnetic elements consisting of rare-earth metals are placed. Apply Antihrap also required constantly. After abandoning it, the night trills will most likely return. Only a small number of cases were recorded when this snoring remedy helped to heal radically. Scientists suggest that the magnetic field produced by the clip has a beneficial effect on the normalization of respiration, but there is no clear evidence for this.

The last of the listed devices most effectively. In a medical hospital, a mask is used to treat snoring with complications, and it is easy to use at home. The device, connected by a flexible tubing to a compressor, is put on the face, the forced air enters the respiratory tract, and the raucous sounds in the sleep cease.

Such a remedy for snoring, as CPAP therapy, can significantly improve the well-being of people with severe obstructive sleep apnea. The obstruction of the respiratory tract is eliminated, the brain and the heart cease to experience oxygen starvation, the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced, and the efficiency and concentration of attention is improved.

Installation of palatal implants as authorized by the otorhinolaryngologist

Reduce the volume of hoarse night breathing by installing palatal implants that strengthen the soft tissues of the sky. The procedure of their implantation into the body is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis for half an hour.

The advantages of such a radical cure for patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea are:

  • speed of the procedure;
  • short recovery period;
  • almost complete absence of side effects;
  • a result verified by controlled clinical trials;
  • during the year after the outpatient procedure, the apnea / hypopnea index does not change;
  • reduction of lethargy and fatigue during the day, high-quality correction of health;
  • reversibility of the procedure.

Note! Although the installation of palatal implants shows a result above average, it cannot be applied to all patients without exception. There are a number of contraindications that should be carefully studied. First of all, it is: severe obstructive sleep apnea, grade 1 obesity and higher. A person suffering from snoring should be pre-examined by an experienced otorhinolaryngologist, it is also recommended to undergo polysomnography and cardio-respiratory monitoring.