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Choose what you like: choices are there in online streaming

Choose a movie or series that will be really interesting to you, this is the best motivation. First of all determine your current level of English. If your level is elementary or pre-intermediate then you can start with what you have already seen in your language. Having an idea of ​​the plot, you will better understand what is happening on the screen and be able to focus on what the characters say. Watch movies and TV shows in Moviebox App that is of interest to you.

You can share and understand

Are you going to spend an hour without looking up from the screen? It sounds good but it hardly helps you to really improve your language skills. Divide the movie or episode into fragments. Make sure that the duration of each of them does not exceed 10 minutes. This time is enough to keep the concentration while watching and not to miss the plot logic. Even if you have a high level of knowledge of English you can refrain from binge watching.

Subtitles: yes or no?

For those who are just starting to learn English, it isrecommended that you first watch movies with your native language, if any. If you feel confident then make a choice in favor of English subtitles. You can at any time click on a pause and write out the word or phrase that you have just heard. But do not get carried away with this. Often by pressing on a pause and being distracted by the translation of words while you watch, you will lose both interest and concentration. Choose services with quality subtitles no matter how well you speak the language.


You should not hope that after watching Game of Thrones or Harry Potter your English will miraculously improve. Another thing is important that you will learn how to perceive live speech better and expand your vocabulary. Therefore, one of the most important recommendations is to use new vocabulary in your everyday speech as often as possible. Share movies and TV shows with friends and tell them to go for moviebox download. This is a great practice of spoken English. It is nothing but just a big sense of humor. Watching good quality streaming movie should be the ultimate aim.

Conclusion: Breaking the myth

One of the most useful properties of films is the study of foreign languages. Watching movies with subtitles or even in the original language will help you understand the language by listening, expand vocabulary and even improve pronunciation.If you are new to this business then it is recommend watching the original film that you have already seen. Always choose the genre of cinema that you are interested in.