The popularity of various mobile applications

Computer programs have made life easier for every human on earth. A mobile app is one such computer program that is designed in such a way to run on a mobile device. These devices can be tablets, phones or even watches. These mobile apps are seen as a contrast to the desktop applications which can be used and run on desktop computers. These applications can be run in mobile web browsers with the help of web applications instead of being run directly on the mobile devices. There was even a time when a technology columnist suggested that the smart phones can also be called as the app phones as a way of differentiating it from the other smart phones that were less sophisticated. It was from this instance that the term app has become very popular among people. This is the term that is used to indicate a software application. The term app was also listed as the word of the year in 2010.

Mobile devices and the software applications

The mobile devices that are sold nowadays come with a collection of bundled apps that are pre installed in them. Some of these apps are the web browser, calendar, email client and the mapping programs. They also come with other apps like application for buying music and many more. There are some pre installed apps that can be uninstalled while the others cannot be uninstalled as they will change the configuration of the mobile device. When the applications are uninstalled, they free up the space and give space for new applications to be installed. The user can choose the apps that are available in the mobile device at all times. They can decide on whether or not to keep an application apart from some basic ones that are compulsory. There are app stores that can be used in order to download apps that are not present in the mobile device already. These app stores have millions of apps that can be downloaded to any mobile device and can be used after installing them in the device.


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