We are back yet again my style pioneers! This week’s informative post touches on the current economic climate…money. Paper. Cheese. Doh. Cash. Or in our case, hard shiny coppers. A man’s style is judged as much on his choice of accessories as the actual clothes on his back. Pick your accessories correctly and you’ll add tonnes of weight to your style game.

People really notice the details, especially women. Whether you’re on the dole or pulling in those six figures, every man must own a decent wallet. One that matches the lifestyle of its owner and does everything it needs to, nice and snuggly.

Here are the six main wallet types available to men. Every man needs at least one, but it may make sense to pick up different types for different occasions. Know your wallet types and stop going to ‘next’ every year. There’s no shortage of wallets out there for you. You’re worth more.


‘Tri’ obviously meaning three, not some nonsense text language for ‘attempt’. This is usually the cheapest option as it is geared towards the younger generation and teenagers. Reason being, it is only suitable for a limited number of cards, maybe about six. When folded up it is rather bulky; there’s no compartment for loose change, unless you want to stuff your change into the zip compartment that runs right along the back and make it even bigger then it already is.

These are unisex wallets and can be found in nylon, with graphics over them and can also have velcro to keep it closed and secure.


Bi-fold wallets are the most commonly used men’s wallet and are mainly produced in leather. They just fold over the one single time. They have stayed the same since the introduction of the credit card back in 50’s.

Like the tri-fold, they too come in two variants, the plain bi fold and the bi fold ‘coin’ wallet. Our preferred choice is the coin wallet, as it can hold loose change that always comes in handy. Clear windows on the inside also allow space for i.d and they fit into most back pockets on jeans and inside blazer pockets. Perfect.


Also known as the travel wallet, it was designed to hold larger documents such as cheque books, tickets and passports on one side, with the conventional credit card slots on the other. It’s good for travelling as it keeps everything together, but useless as a general wallet. However, they are quite on trend at the moment, and paired with a sharp suit and some funky Tom Ford sunglasses, they look the biz!

It can only fit in the inside pocket of jackets and coats (and even that isn’t a sure bet with all jackets) and will only make you look like a poser if you try to let it stick out from your back jean pocket, that’s moments before it got pick-pocketed from you.


Designed mainly for loose change, the coin holder wallet is another classic. An organised man wouldn’t like this wallet, as it doesn’t compartmentalise things. You simply unzip it and dump everything in it, then zip it up again.

When it’s full up, it can be a nightmare to open in a rush, as things fly about the place. Just use it for change please guys.


The slickest and thinnest wallet of them all; the card holder does exactly what it boasts… and only that; holds cards. Used by bankers and big business men alike, the card holder is popular with what i like to call the ‘plastic people’. Those that just swipe their way through life. Great if you live like that, but bad if you need 99p for milk from Mr Patel’s sweet shop.


The option for the ‘big dawgs’. The money clip is more style than substance, but hey that’s not a bad thing. Grouping all your paper money together in one thick wad is a sure sign of wealth. This one is for the old school guy that just rolls with cash. Not me.

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