Your Options for the Perfect Marketing of Your Site

The right choice of a domain name is just as important as choosing a child’s name or a name. On it you will be judged on the Internet, which is a separate universe. There is nothing more important to start an online business than choosing a name for a site, and there is little that can damage your project, comparable to the wrong domain choice.

The following seven simple tips will help you make a well-considered decision:

Unique and easy to write

The site name should be unique, like your business. For example – is interesting, but is a unique domain. What to choose? It is best to use something like – non-obvious abbreviations and slang in domains look very bad, and adding one more word will give a better idea of ​​the project. The following assertion follows from this. For the Leads for Coolsculpting Sites this is important.

Use keywords

Domains with keywords like “shop”, “store” are much easier to remember. In addition, they are much more loyal search engines, so it will also be a competent SEO move.

Avoid using trademarks, hyphens and numbers

Believe me, you do not need litigation, you do not need to use the names of other companies or products in your name. In addition, you will lose your uniqueness.

As for the numbers, they should be replaced by the words “six” instead of “6”, and hyphens and lower dashes (“_”) do not use at all. It’s a bit of a tradition, it’s very unusual for users to enter such names.

Blast Zone

Choosing a .net domain will save you some money at the beginning, but this is not the best choice for a serious business. In general, it makes sense to register domains in different zones and put redirection to someone.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate, or bounce rate – is the percentage of visitors who leave the site after viewing a single page. If you choose an inaccurate name for the site that misleads users, you can dial visits, but pay for it with a high BR and, therefore, a bad attitude of search engines. It is better not to do so.


If your site is targeted to a certain region, then you should specify it in the domain. To do this, you can add the name of the region (, use the national domain ( or specify the region number in the name, you can use the numbers (

You came up with a great name, but it’s already taken?

It does not matter, because you can always shorten the name a little, rearrange words in places or choose another domain zone. Fortunately, there is no need to sit and sort out all possible options. For this, there are many services on the Internet.


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